Sunday, November 15, 2009

happy birthday to a special girl

dear kyra,

you are 3 years old today. even as i type that i almost can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. you were the one who finally made me an aunt- the job i'd been dreaming about for years. i pretty much missed your first year of life cause God had me all over the world so thanks for not holding that against me. i hope i've more than made up for it though with all the time we spend together now. this is the first time i've been with you on your birthday and i couldn't be more excited!

you are such a spunky, energetic little girl. you make me laugh and smile and shake my head all at the same time. i love that every time i see you i get to hear you say "it's susie!" most of the time you're excited to see me and it makes my heart happy. you see kyra, i'm not sure i could love you any more if i'd birthed you myself. on friday night you cuddled with me for a few minutes (which is a rare feat) and i asked you if you loved me. you replied with an enthusiastic "YES" and i told you how much i loved you. thanks for letting me have that moment kid. i know you don't understand all the mushy-gushy stuff just yet but i'll hold that memory in my heart forever.

i love that sometimes mommy lets you and i have time together, just the 2 of us. those are my favorite times cause it's just you and me and i get to listen to you jabber away about anything and everything. you are such a smart little girl. i'm amazed by how much information you already have in that toddler brain of yours! i'd like to say that you take after me in that sense, but your mom is brilliant so i guess she gets the credit. :)

kyra, i hope you have very special birthday today. i'm so glad i get to spend it with you! you bring me such joy and i'm so glad God entrusted you to be a part of our family. you are so loved by all your grandparents, aunts, uncles, counsins and even soon-to-be cousins! i pray that as you grow you will understand the depth of love that your heavenly father has for you and that He will show you the best ways to express it to the people around you. God has special plans for you. i think you're destined to be an adventurous world-traveler like me and i hope someday we'll have an opportunity to spread God's love together. mom and dad already said you can go to africa with me when you're 13... or was it 15? i'm gonna push for 13. 10 more years kiddo. can't wait.

love you so very much!

aunt susie


Brittany Ann said...

This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your lil niece!

Gina said...

Beautiful post...and beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday to Kyra!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

what a cool niece we have ;) except for that little part, you know, where she wanted to take home that ginormous bear on the christmas tree at the mall....


Keshet said...

Kyra does love her Aunt Susie! I too think that she is destined to travel the world one day and I would be proud if she were to go with you. Thanks for celebrating with us today! And thanks for having a Disney Rewards credit card. ;P