Sunday, March 30, 2008

please, no flash photography

so i know i haven't written in here in a while and i'm very sorry to my loyal readers... all 2 of you. hah!

today was a very exciting day. a few weeks ago my sister kate was surfing the web and somehow stumbled across the information that jon and kate (of the jon & kate plus 8 tv show) were going to be speaking at a church not too far away on march 30th. low and behold, march 30th is here and we set off (we being me, katie, declan, lyryn, jesse and precious little jayden). we were lucky enough to get seats in the third row on the left side of the auditorium and the way things were positioned on stage we had a perfect view of jon and kate! it was so fun seeing them in real life and not on the tv screen. they're so cute and so REAL! i love that their show truly depicts how they are as a family. that's rare these days!

jon and kate both shared their testimonies of how they came to know the lord and it was really sweet to see them talking about their experiences. they talked about the sextuplets (obviously) but they didn't go into too much detail. they did share about the hardships of being "famous" and not being able to just go out and enjoy being a family. apparently people bombard them a lot and just go up in the kids faces to take their picture... kind of sad.

it's refreshing to see a young couple like them being a positive influence in the media. they did remark on the fact that there aren't many christians in the entertainment industry and how everything revolves around money. a sad, but true fact!

overall, it was fun. and in a little while i get to head out with some of my girlfriends to dinner. a good friend of mine, marion, is visiting for a few days. she's been in chile for a year and a half so i can't wait to catch up and hear all her news. afterwards i'm going to meet up with the rest of the crew and go bowling! more to come later...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

gotta love those endorphins

i joined the ymca on monday and

maybe it's too premature for me to say that since it's only day 3 of working out, but i am really enjoying myself. thanks to my amazing life schedule right now i can go mid-mornings and it's not totally crazy which is really nice!

today i walked on the treadmill for 25 mins and then decided i was going to try the elliptical. for whatever reason that machine has intimidated me... not any longer my friends! i conquered it! haha... ok maybe not, but i did figure out how to use it. it took me a minute to get my momentum going, but i got it and then pushed myself to do a mile on it. after 13 minutes i hit my mark and i was very proud of myself. i was dripping sweat by this point but it felt great. i got back on the treadmill for a little bit and then i had to leave to go babysit, but it was a good workout.

now i must go shower because honestly... i smell! haha!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

changing the world one molecule at a time

i've realized that a lot of my happiness is dependant upon making other people happy. is that a good thing or a bad thing? i'm not sure. on one hand i think it shows that i'm a giving, nurturing individual but on the other hand it might show that i'm depending too much on people's reactions to what i do for them and that can be dangerous ground. i think that what i do is good, but shouldn't ultimately be my source of joy. it's a fine line that i need to learn to walk.


today was a nice day. this afternoon i got to hang out with some good friends of mine and it was a really enjoyable time. i realize that i don't see most of them enough so it was good to catch up. did i mind that i was sitting at a table with 3 couples (one married, one engaged and one dating)? actually no i didn't mind. i had a great time and we talked about everything under the sun (literally).

and i got to eat a delicious dessert- ice cream on a puff pastry with strawberries... mmm! i ate about half and then got to share it so you can't go wrong with that. :)

thus another good weekend comes to an end!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

i see buds on the trees

i can't remember longing for spring as much as i have these past couple of months. if i could skip january through march every year it'd be fine by me. i am just longing for warm, long summer days where i can lay on a blanket in my backyard with only a good book to keep me company. ok, maybe daisy too but she's always running around chasing those imaginary creatures in our yard that i swear she makes up in her little puppy mind. every once in a while i see a squirrel or two, but does she really have to circle and bark at every tree in the yard? :)

i am particularly excited about this summer because my family is finally taking another vacation. 2 years ago we went to disney world which was amazing and this year we decided to rent a beach house in avalon, nj. we need to stay close by because my future niece, kylie, is scheduled to arrive mid-july. we're going the last week of june and i can't wait for a week of sun-bathing, crab-eating fun!

oh my... i see a squirrel out back! i haven't seen one in so long and i find it funny that i was just writing about that and there he is. i'll hype daisy up and let her out. she'll never find him, but she doesn't need to know that. ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


i really want to write in my blog write now, but i feel like i have nothing profound or exciting to share. hmph.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

give me eyes to see you

i really need to stop watching pride & prejudice. it certainly isn't helping my love life. oh wait, what love life? hah! i can't help it though. that storyline... it gets me every time...

that probably explains why i sat at home alone on a perfectly good saturday night. normally i wouldn't mind, but for some reason today i did. i think it was just one of those days... you know the rainy, windy kind where you can't really go anywhere without getting soaked and end up staying inside watching decorating television. normally i wouldn't mind that so much, but it's not really want i wanted out of my day today. but alas, we cannot always have what we want. i think i'm just in need of some stimulating conversation which sounds almost silly to say. i was fortunate enough to get that last night however, on my evening out with my girls (cheers to katie and lyryn).

despite all of today's ugliness i did catch a glimpse of a rainbow. the sun managed to poke its way through the dark clouds this afternoon only to reveal a faint, but visible rainbow. perhaps a sign of things to come? good things? one can only hope. i found this picture online and i like it so i'm posting it here.

"All beautiful you are, my darling;
there is no flaw in you.

You have stolen my heart,
my sister, my bride;

you have stolen my heart
with one glance of your eyes..."

Song of Songs 4:7,9

restless night

i woke up this morning at about 6am and i was in the middle of one of the most vivid bad dreams. it of course revolved around someone coming into a public place where i was along with family and friends and pulling out a gun. i hate that i keep having dreams like this. i tend to get them about once a week and it's just frustrating. i have no desire to walk in fear, but it gets really hard when the dream feels so real.

jesus i trust you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

this valley

when i got home from denver a friend of mine told me that there was a song she wanted me to listen to. she said that she felt it would really minister to me with everything that i was going through. she couldn't have been more right. this song describes my heart for the last few months. that's one of the things i love about music... a song can just reach in and pull at your heart because it encaptures everything you're feeling at that moment. i'll post some of the lyrics here so you can get a little glimpse into my heart.

just when i thought this valley couldn't get any deeper
just when i thought i was stepping out of it
just when i thought the mountain was in my view
that's when i saw you

you didn't take me out of it but you joined me in it
you didn't lift me out of it but you lifted me up in it
you didn't pull me out of it but you pulled me towards you and its then i know
i'll be ok

jesus where would i be without your sovereignty
jesus where would i be without your sovereignty

just when i thought this mountain couldn't get any steeper
just when i thought i was falling off of it
just when i thought that valley was in my view again
that's when i saw you

you didn't take me out of it but you joined me in it
you didn't lift me out of it but you lifted me up in it
you didn't pull me out of it but you pulled me towards you and its then i know
i'll be ok

jesus where would i be without your sovereignty
jesus where would i be without your sovereignty

thank you for this valley
in it i will praise you

words & music by lindsay kane