Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

i've never been much of a christmas card person, but this year that is all about to change. now that i have a new home i think a beautiful christmas card from shutterfly would be perfect. i can wish all my friends and family a merry christmas and announce my new address all at the same time (since i have yet to send out any kind of moving announcements). better late than never, right? no i don't have a husband to pose with or a baby or heck even a dog, but i have a house and this year that's what i'm going to do. i'm thinking of maybe sitting on my front step or whatever creative cute idea that my sister comes up with. (don't worry, she already volunteered to take the photo).

i love the simplicity of this design and i have some thoughts for the smaller photos since *cough* i don't have children to incorporate into the design. hopefully this is the last year i'll have to pose alone for a christmas card... *crossing fingers*

there are so many designs to choose from, like this one or this one!

not to mention that shutterfly has more than just beautiful photo cards. you can make photo books, calendars and so much more. the holiday's just got a little easier!

can't wait to show you what i picked and how it turns out! now hurry up and go pick out your holiday cards. christmas will be here before you know it!

***HEY! Did you know bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly? Click the link to learn more!

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Tatiana said...

i'm excited to see how your card turns out :-) I know it will be great!
Our little girl is due dec 15 and I'm afraid that I may be a little late with our Christmas cards this year since I really want her to be part of them as well :-) We shall see...