Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fighting the winter blues

last week i got to spend my day off with my lovely sister-in-law and my 2 adorable nieces. it was a cold, but sunny day and we decided to head off to longwood gardens where we could dream about springtime amongst all the beautiful flowers. after a long walk outside and an interaction with some wildlife we decided it was time to head into the conservatory where it was warm and flowers abounded (especially orchids). here's our furry friend we made who wasn't too sure what to make of my camera in his face.
once we walked into the conservatory we were immediately overwhelmed by the smell of flowers. it was AMAZING! within 30 seconds kesh and i were smiling and laughing and feeling uber excited about the promise of spring. we joked that we felt like we were on happy drugs. it was just that good. they have an orchid extravaganza going on right now and orchids were everywhere. the excitement wasn't lost on us- kyra & kylie felt it, too. they were twirling around and having a grand old time running around and breathing in all the yummy flower smells, too. 
we all know how easily the "winter blues" can set in and affect our attitude so i'm grateful for a day like that where you get to escape the snow and cold. thank you kesh for inviting me along on your fun adventure! if you're ever in southeastern, pa make sure longwood gardens is on your list of things to see.

happy wednesday everyone!


Gina said...

Someday when I come there to meet you and Katie, will you take me there? :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Beautiful shots!! Love k&k hugging :)