Monday, June 13, 2011

recap and swap reveal

today's been a tough day for me... not sure why... just having a down day i suppose. so in an effort to lift my spirit i'm gonna reflect back on my busy, but enjoyable weekend.

friday night i got to chill with my niece emeline so her mommy and daddy could enjoy a much needed date night. i took her to my parents where she played on the trampoline, enjoyed the swings and pointed at every bird and bug and tree. it's so fun watching her discover new things all the time.

saturday i got to join lyryn and celebrate her son ian's 1st birthday. it was so nice catching up with old friends and just being social again. i've kind of cocooned myself for the last few months within my little community so it was nice to get out and engage with different people.

after the party my sister and i got some much needed pampering (a la mani & pedi) and then we went to a kids festival that my dad's fire company puts on every year. my aunt and uncle were in town from out of state so they came and we got to catch up with them which was so nice!

then it was dinner with some of the family and ice cream at a new local place. it was delicious. emekay enjoyed sampling everyone's ice cream. it was adorable. yay for summer!

then i headed off with my parents to watch fireworks at the park. my other 2 nieces were there with my brother and sil so we found them just as the show was about to start. poor kylie didn't like the noise. she kept her ears covered the whole time and just kept saying, "it's too yowd." haha. i love her.

kyra didn't mind the noise at all and in fact she was very disappointed when the show was over. good thing the 4th of july is right around the corner where she can hopefully see more fireworks. can't wait to get that kid to disney to see a real fireworks show! when my family went to disney in 2006, kate and i went back to magic kingdom almost every night just to watch the fireworks. we love them. :)

kyra was adorable and was rubbing pop pop's head during the fireworks show. such a precious kid. love making memories with my family and i am so looking forward to our family vacation at the end of the month. it will be lovely to spend time with them and i am so excited because my little brother will be coming in from san diego to go with us and i miss him so much!

lastly, i got my flip flops from my swap partner melanee this weekend. she got me these super comfy black nike's which is perfect because i didn't have a pair of casual black flip flops. the last pair i had got ruined when i was in africa and i hadn't replaced them yet. thanks melanee and thanks to lyryn for hosting this fun swap! go to her blog to see what everyone else got!

hope the rest of you all had an enjoyable weekend!



Lyryn said...

I'm sorry today was so down for you! :( I sat around all day doing nothing so I SHOULD have called you! Wanna do a late lunch tomorrow to celebrate Ian's first birthday!? I have a photo shoot at 11am, but after?!

Also, awesome flip flops! I love them!!!! Thanks for doing this!!!

Unknown said...

ice cream and fireworks, love it!
sorry to hear about the bad day.

Gina said...

Ooooh I love those flip flops. Also, I could just see you and Katie going to the fireworks every night.:)

Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

Yeah, Disney's fireworks are amazing! We went during Christmas when they have the entire castle decorated in sparkly lights. So pretty.
Sounds like a fun weekend!! We were going to watch fireworks too, but it got rained out. :( Sorry you had a rough day. Hopefully things are going better! Hugs!

Sarah said...

New Follower... love your blog

Melissa said...

I love your tattoo! I am new to your blog and I really enjoy reading it. Thanks so much for sharing:)