Saturday, December 24, 2011

shepherds and angels

it hit me hard this morning.

christmas, that is.

or the real reason behind it. the weight of what it means.

i thought i'd be better this year at not buying into the hype and in many ways i was. i didn't over-spend. i sold things i wasn't using in order to buy gifts. i tried to be a good steward of what i had. but i did stay busy.

busy busy busy.

it's my vice. there's always more i can do. there's always more i should do... or so the voices say.

but it hit me hard this morning as i watched this video that i put together for our christmas eve service. i can't really take the credit for it. one of my pastors wrote it. i just made it look nice and added music really. needless to say it still took up countless hours of my week to work on. i tried to upload it so i could embed it here but that's not working out so well. bummer.

the basic gist of it is this:
when jesus was born the angels came from heaven to proclaim the news of his birth. but who did they come to tell? did they come to the religious leaders? to the rich? no. they came to shepherds. low of the low. unnoticed, unimportant to the rest of the world shepherds. the first people to hear of our saviors birth lived in fields... were probably dirty... were probably poor. my lord, THAT is the gospel right there! God chose to reveal himself first to the most unlikely group of people. that's what i love about God. he flips things around to force us to really think... to see... to listen and understand.

it's not about being put together. it's not about having the nicest gifts to give. and it certainly isn't about getting the greatest new thing. it's about humility. about allowing yourself to be broken. recognizing that you are broken. that you NEED Him. that you are nothing without Him. that if He hadn't sent His son as a tiny, little baby you would be completely lost and hopeless.

oh but joy of all joys, He did send His son as a precious little newborn... completely dependent upon the world in which He created... it's almost inconceivable really. the way in which God works leaves me completely undone.

so i'm reflecting on that today. rejoicing because no matter how much i try to put myself together i'm still in desperate need of saving, of forgiveness, of His bountiful love. and it's there just waiting for me to embrace it. it's there for you, too.

merry christmas friends,


Christina said...

I agree 100%! I was totally needed to be reminded. Because you are right, It's all about his saving grace in my life. I am nothing w/o it.

Merry Christmas Susan!

Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

I absolutely love this. THIS is why I love our God so much... He chooses to work through "the least of these". And really, it only makes sense. Because using those who are forgotten, lost, poor, and the worst of sinners; He's able to show His glory even more. Thanks for the reminder. ;) Merry Christmas!!

Unknown said...

hope you had a great christmas susan!

Gina said...

Our pastor talked a LOT about this the last couple of weeks too. I love it.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Wow. Super perspective, sissy. Sorry I am just getting around to reading this.

Jessica said...

Beautifully said! I came across your blog through (in)courage and love it! Congratulations on your weight loss! That is amazing and I hope to one day lose the extra pounds! I just need someone to help hold me accountable b/c I can't do it alone. Anyways, I find your blog very encouraging and hope you don't mind that I'm your newest follower!


Brooke said...

Susan, can you tell me what faith you’re practicing? I am a Christian and I’m looking for something like what you’re describing. Thank you!