Wednesday, February 20, 2008

diamonds from heaven

it's snowing outside, but not the typical snow that rushes to the ground as if its racing for its life. this snow is literally falling so gracefully it almost feels like i'm watching a perfectly choreographed dance. as the light reflects the snow in the black night sky i remind myself that it's not a field of fireflies, although my mind would like to think so. what's so remarkable about this snow is the way it lays on the ground below. looking out the window it appears as if diamonds are naturally coating the patio furniture, an unusual phenomenon to say the least. i walked outside a moment ago and after looking closely i could see the unique designs of these marvelous flakes, each one different in their own right and i can't help but wonder at the beauty of it all. as i stare out my window i almost get this feeling that heaven is meeting earth and that maybe this spectacular show was put on just for me. that's silly i say to myself as i continue to ponder.

and then in the stillness i hear my Father's gentle whisper,

"My darling: these swirling, twirling beautiful designs were made with you in mind."

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