Sunday, February 3, 2008

discovering new hobbies is fun

yesterday i was at sam's club with my mom and sister and we saw this startup jewelry making kit there. it looked pretty cool so we figured we'd buy it and try it out. it cost $30 and came with all the tools and supplies you need. so this afternoon kate and i sat down and we made about a dozen pairs of earrings. i must say that it was a lot of fun. it took me a little while to get the creative juices flowing but once i got the hang of it i really enjoyed myself. it was cool to know that you made them and when people compliment them i can say, "thanks i made them." score!

in other news...

kate and i hung out with my bff lyryn tonight and her amazingly cute little boy jayden. we didn't really watch the super bowl which was fine by me. it was still fun and we ate pizza! yum!

i did watch the last 30 seconds of the game and i'm glad to see the giants won. it's always fun when the underdog wins. who doesn't love that?

so it was a less-than-exciting weekend but that's fine by me. i had some good times with friends and i couldn't ask for anything better than that.

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