Saturday, March 15, 2008

i see buds on the trees

i can't remember longing for spring as much as i have these past couple of months. if i could skip january through march every year it'd be fine by me. i am just longing for warm, long summer days where i can lay on a blanket in my backyard with only a good book to keep me company. ok, maybe daisy too but she's always running around chasing those imaginary creatures in our yard that i swear she makes up in her little puppy mind. every once in a while i see a squirrel or two, but does she really have to circle and bark at every tree in the yard? :)

i am particularly excited about this summer because my family is finally taking another vacation. 2 years ago we went to disney world which was amazing and this year we decided to rent a beach house in avalon, nj. we need to stay close by because my future niece, kylie, is scheduled to arrive mid-july. we're going the last week of june and i can't wait for a week of sun-bathing, crab-eating fun!

oh my... i see a squirrel out back! i haven't seen one in so long and i find it funny that i was just writing about that and there he is. i'll hype daisy up and let her out. she'll never find him, but she doesn't need to know that. ;)

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