Saturday, April 5, 2008

warning: haircut may cause vanity

wednesday afternoon i was sitting in my room spending time with jesus when all of a sudden i got an urge to cut my hair. i will admit that for a moment i even contemplated getting scissors and cutting it myself. thankfully, after 2 seconds i came to my senses and realized how devastating that could be and decided against it. so on thursday i called my hairdresser and scheduled an appointment for that afternoon. once i got there i decided to splurge on some highlights, too and i'm glad i did. i haven't done that in a while so it was time for a change. and i must say that i absolutely love the cut i got, too! it's so short and easy to take care of. it just feels fresh and new and who doesn't like that?

i decided as i was driving home from the salon that it should probably be illegal to drive right after a haircut. girls, you know what i'm saying right? it's dangerous when you spend more time admiring your reflection in the rearview mirror than watching the road in front of you. oh the simple joys of life...

here's a pic of the new 'do!'

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