Sunday, April 20, 2008

mom thoughts

i got to play mommy to an almost 2 year old for the past 4 days. we certainly had our ups and downs, but overall i really enjoyed myself. it was fun going to the park and watching him conquer the slide and then meeting up with lyryn and jayden at the mall for "mommy time." at least that's what it felt like. i realized how nice it would be to be in that stage of life right now, enjoying it with my close friends and sisters. but alas, that's not how it is.

don't get me wrong, i enjoy my singleness and being able to do what i want whenver i want to do it. there's a freedom in that which i know shouldn't be taken for granted. at the same time i would love to belong somewhere. to have my own little family unit where i'm needed and able to care for and nurture the ones i love.

i know timing is everything and hopefully one day those pieces will fall into place. for now i'll just have to enjoy weekend's like these where i can play house and dream of what it will someday be like to have my own child falling asleep on my shoulder or excited to see me return from the other room.

someday i'll hear you call me mom
amidst your shuffling feet
i'll look upon your big round eyes
which make you look so sweet
you'll melt this sometimes aching heart
when your arms go round my neck
i'm sure that when you leave my nest
this mom will be a wreck
you see dear one i've loved you long
before you reached this place
i've dreamed of you and all you'll be
and long to see your face
no matter how long it takes for that day
i'll wait like the morning dew
because my dear child God placed in me
a space in my heart just for you

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