Tuesday, November 11, 2008

short update

i don't have much time to write today as the van is waiting to take me back to the village. we were able to purchase sewing machines today with a generous donation from some friends back in the states. this is HUGE for the mango tree and the entire community. we are all excited about how it's going to help the people in kaombe, especially the women.

starr and i leave the village on monday to return to lusaka. we have a week in lusaka where we have some business to take care of with the van. we're also going to purchase some school books for the library so students can check them out instead of having to purchase them. it will be very helpful as well for the community.

things are going really well.... we're just trying to wrap things up before we leave. i don't know if i'll get to write again before i leave the village. my next update might be from lusaka some time next week.

thanks again for all the love and prayers. keep 'em coming!

love you all so much!


Anonymous said...

Wow the time has flown, huh?? Take care of yourself this week as I know you will be a busy bee wrapping things up! Remember that you're not saying goodbye, just see ya later, 'cuz we know you'll be going back! XOXOXOX!

Keshet said...

I can't believe you're winding things up over there already! We are so excited to see you in a couple weeks.

Oh, and still no banana frame pics.... tsk tsk. :)