Tuesday, November 4, 2008

news from zam

Happy Election Day everyone! I have it in mind to believe that today might be a bit of a stressful day for my fellow Americans so I hope the few minutes you’ll spend reading my blog will distract you from the craziness around you.

Zambia held their presidential elections last Thursday. The results weren’t released until Sunday morning and it appears that the ruling party has remained in power, much to the dismay of my fellow Zambians. Everyone here is surprised by the results, but also not surprised. I’m sure you catch my drift. Things have remained as usual here in Northern Zambia and for that I am quite grateful. Once again these peaceful people amaze me!

We had an executive committee meeting yesterday with the board that oversees the Mango Tree project. It was a very successful meeting and we were able to discuss a lot of issues concerning the Mango Tree project. I had one of those moments during the meeting where I realized just how much I’m going to miss it here, especially these people. It seems the longer I’m here the more attached my heart becomes. Seeing the looks on my friends faces as we discuss my return home only reminds me how precious these people have become to me, and I to them.

3 weeks from today Starr and I will be arriving back in America, which I hear is becoming increasingly cold. I told Starr today that I forget what it feels like to be cold, but I’m sure I’ll remember real quick once I’m home. It’s become increasingly hot here and the rains haven’t really picked up yet which usually cools things down a bit. There is one plus to this summery weather: I’m returning home with a nice tan at the end of November! :)

Let’s see… what else can I update you on?

Oh Yes!

Caterpillar season is upon us. Caterpillar’s you ask? Yes, caterpillars. You see this time every year here in Northern Zambia people stop what they’re doing and head for the hills to catch caterpillars. I’m sure many of you are shaking your heads saying, “Oh no.” To that I reply, “Oh yes.” Caterpillar’s are quite the delicacy around here and they catch a good price, too. People boil them, fry them, dry them… but most of all eat them. It’s one of those things I’m not sure I’ll ever understand. No, I haven’t tried one yet and I told Starr the only way I would is if there was a video camera to record it so I could prove it to all of you. Maybe this week will be the week!

Thanks for reading my updates and for remembering us in your prayers.

Have a blessed day and try not to worry too much about the election results. Remember, our hope is in the Lord and only one man: Jesus. What a glorious day it will be when we won’t have to worry about elections and God’s kingdom becomes established forever in our midst.

Much love and peace from Zambia…


Unknown said...

Hi, Susan!

Does your digital camera have an option to do short videos...? LOL!

If you stick around until June it will get plenty cold in Zambia...especially at night.

Pastor Bruce and I will be leaving for Israel for a 10 day tour on Thursday Nov. 6. We will arrive home Nov. 17. So, we'll see you soon.

Lord, I thank you that you continue to keep Susan in the palm of your hand. May she know Your peace and presence as she ministers to the hearts of the people. May her last weeks be filled with joy and opportunity to share Your hope and salvation to the lives she touches. I pray that you will continue to unify her and Starr so that the community will see their unity and know of that they are Your disciples by their love for one another and You.

Bring her home safely and with joy in her heart. In the name of our precious Jesus...AMEN!

Mrs. Mulberry

Bethany said...



Miss you lots!

May every day be so fulfilling and so productive in every way! Cherish them. Cherish!

Save me some caterpillars, or at least learn how they cook 'em. We can eat them together as you tell me stories, k?

Anonymous said...

may the joys of your heart be fulfilled in your dayly walk

Ruth Witmer said...

Crunchy Munchy Caterpillars, how delicious is that. Do that cover them in chocolate? I hope you try them at least once. They are high in protein!! lol
i love you precious daughter and I rejoice each time I get to speak to you. I know it will be hard to leave there but they will never truly leave your heart. God eternally plants them in their to feel, and think on, and transform you until you meet them again. Ever visit is greater than the last one because the relationships grow stronger. They change your lives and you change theirs. you live your life to bless them and see their lives be better than you left them the last time. God has created you for such a time as this to be used to bring Him Glory and to leave an imprint of Christ upon their heart and lives. You have done that. They will never forget you!