Friday, October 17, 2008

woozy doozy

i came into town today with annie, one of the employees of the mango tree, to try and purchase some prizes for our independence day festival. unfortunately i woke up this morning feeling rather ill. my stomach has been in pain since last night and i have no idea why. i fought off the urge to stay in bed so here i am in town. i'm still not feeling like myself. i haven't eaten anything today for fear of not keeping it in. it's extremely hot today with not much breeze so i feel really whoozy. at least i can sit down at the computer for a little while so i don't pass out in the street.

i'm glad it's friday which means i have the weekend to rest and hopefully rid myself of whatever is ailing me. i woke up last night just totally sweating which is kind of unusual. i took a sleeping pill last night to help me fall asleep so when i woke in the middle of the night it was all i could do to roll over and reposition myself. those sleeping pills knock me out hard!

in other news things have been going really well with starr. she met the headmaster of the local high school here and he invited her to come train their guidance counselors in drug and alcohol recovery programs. she was then asked to speak to all the students regarding overcoming addictions. she's been doing that for the past several days and will continue to do so next week. tomorrow she is meeting with some of the girls one-on-one to discuss some of their problems. the students really have taken to her and it's been so encouraging for starr. God is truly stretching and teaching her new things and it's fun to watch. continue to pray that God would speak through her to the students!

we only have 5 weeks left in country and about 4 left here in the village. it's crazy how fast time has gone by. part of me doesn't want to leave. every day i feel more comfortable and at home here. it takes so long to get things done here so just when we're about to go we start to make more progress. it makes it hard. on the other hand i desperately miss my community back home and can't wait to see everyone again. i can't wait to eat thanksgiving food... mmm... makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

there are a lot of you that i haven't heard from much since i've been here and i just want you to know that i miss you. i'd love to hear about your lives and how things are going with you. it can be kind of depressing to check your email and find 1 or 2 personal emails amidst all the spam. i know you haven't forgotten about me and you are all very busy, but i need you! you are the ones who shape the story of susan and without you my journey wouldn't be the same.

i love you all so much.

until next time...


Grammy Jean said...

Thanks for you wonderful updates. Sorry you aren't feeling well, I will be praying for you

marcusandkatie said...

i am so sorry you aren't feeling well! i will be praying for you, susan. i know it will pass quickly. i never felt like this, so i can't say i know what you're going through- but i do know that God will heal you quickly! believe on it!

sounds like you will be having a great independence day on the 24th right??

thanks for all the amazing work you are doing there- with the mango tree, moses, and just loving the people. tell starr i said the same- and know i am praying for you guys. i will be calling very soon..

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Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

We enjoy your updates! Finally, we're posting a response. We hope you're feeling better. We're praying and believing God that He will continue to use you mightily each and every day for His glory, even when you're feeling "woozy doozy" and would rather be in bed :) You know, we all have those kind of days, even when not way back in the African bush.

Anyway, keep looking unto Jesus; the Author and Finisher of your faith! We know you are. May your remaining month be your most fruitful. You're doing a wonderful work for God!

Love and prayers,

Pastor Rob & Kim

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan,

Thanks for the amazing updates and pictures. It is wonderful to think that God is working through you to touch the lives of those in the village there and around the world. Your obedience to God is a testimony.

May God heal you of your illness and continue to mold you into His image.

I can't believe how fast it is going. Can't wait to see you back and hear all about everything.

Caleb and Gabriel say hi! They are growing fast. Today we went to a pumpkin patch and fed some farm animals and had the boys pick some little pumpkins. It is starting to get cold here, I guess it had to come some day.

Well, keep serving and loving Jesus. He will guide you in all truth and open doors of victory in your life.

Know that we miss you and love you,
Emanuele and Wendy and Caleb and Gagriel