Tuesday, October 14, 2008

you know you're in zambia when...

so i decided to make a list. a you know you're in zambia when list. i realize that all of you won't get this or even find it funny, but that's ok. i made it for me. so i can look back on my time here and laugh at the things i went through.

so here it is:
you know you're in zambia when...
  • You’re bike riding to the village and all you hear are little kids yelling “HOW ARE YOU?” because it’s the only thing they know how to say in English.
  • Everyone laughs when you speak Bemba correctly. (I’m told they’re laughing because they’re happy I’m speaking their language).
  • You’re bike riding and have to move off the road to let a semi pass you. (It’s totally safe, mom, don’t worry!)
  • Just when you’re about to use electricity, the power goes off for 2 hours. (Yes, this happens every day but you never know when).
  • You find Pringles in a store in town and it makes your week.
  • You wake up tangled up in your mosquito net… again.
  • You patch holes in your room with duct tape to keep out any unwanted creatures.
  • You find a hole in the patch of duct tape, which was probably eaten through by some unwanted creature.
  • Doom is your greatest weapon against bugs of which you’ve never seen the likes before.
  • You’re dreaming about the next bottle of cold Coca-Cola you can get.
  • Meat becomes a delicacy only to be eaten once a week when you get to town.
  • The only way to get money is to beg your relatives to send some via Western Union.
  • You see the arm of a porcupine sticking out of a cooking pot and learn it’s dinner. (No, I did not eat it!)
  • You discover Solitaire on your iPod and play it for hours over the weekend out of sheer boredom.
  • Washing your clothes by hand actually becomes fun.
  • You discover a lemon tree at your friend’s house, take a bagful home and make lemonade. (This was actually quite delicious!)
  • You walk around barefoot outside for 2 minutes and get bubblegum stuck to the bottom of your foot.
  • You make babies cry because they’ve never seen a white person before.
  • You are bored enough on a Saturday night to make this list.

this does not encompass everything, but it's a start. i wanted to give you a glimpse into my life here.


Grammy Jean said...

Great list, Susan, I am sure you will be adding still more things to remember as the weeks come to an end. Your blogs are really descriptive and informative; they make me feel that I am there with you. What a blessing that you are able to serve God's special people in this way....... Blessings to you, Jean

Don said...

pretty funny! sounds like a lot of fun too. is Doom the name of a bug spray there or something? haha... and i'm glad to hear you're playing some video games! even if it is just ipod solitaire... we're praying for you!

Keshet said...

I love it! Especially the one about you making babies cry. lol! It's nice to know that you haven't lost your sense of humor amidst all the oddities of life in Zambia. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog too. Kyra and Kylie can't wait to see their Aunt Susan!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Sue! I TOTALLY LOVED your list and laughed hysterically! I agree with Kesh and smile to see that your super humor still always shines through! How are you feeling today! We pray for God's continual grace to accomplish all that he has called you to do while in Zambia! We are here supporting you in much love and lifting you in prayer always! May God's peace that passes all understanding, continue to guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus! We miss you much and can't wait to hug your neck....gggrrrr feel the big squeeze from across the seas.... :-) XOXOXOX~ Reta, Owen, the kiddos and Ringo!

marcusandkatie said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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brian said...

Great list, I definitely think many of these are universal! Love it!