Thursday, January 15, 2009

exercise = a happier susan

sometimes eating healthy can be a drag, but over the past couple of weeks i've really enjoyed it. what i really enjoy more is the 6lbs i can now say has left my body. that my friends is a good feeling indeed! one nice thing about diet-crazy-america is that companies have to cater to it. you can now go down almost every aisle of the grocery store and find your favorite snack in a 100-calorie version. i've found that when eaten in moderation these snacks give you the feeling of indulgence without all the guilt. and if at the end of the day that means less on my hips then i am all for it!

here's a pic of me eating my yummy fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt topped with fresh strawberries (which were on sale this week). mmm!

i also made it to step class at the ymca for their tuesday and thursday class this week. thankfully my friend kim was there as well so we could sweat and complain together! haha! actually we didn't do a lot of complaining other than to tell each other that we couldn't breathe. it's a great workout though and a nice way to mix things up!

now to just keep the momentum going!

oh and P.S.- check out the band "tenth avenue north." i downloaded their cd on itunes the other day and i just love them! cute boys who love jesus and sing great songs? can you ask for more? i think not!

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Kasey said...

you're beautiful...