Thursday, January 8, 2009

new day

well it's the new year and that means new starts so along with probably half of the world i'm resolving to be healthier this year. monday was my official starting day which began at the gym followed by a trip to the grocery store to buy some healthy food. in the meantime i made mom clear out some of the junk in the fridge. :)

it actually hasn't been that bad at all. now i realize i'm only 4 days in but i haven't really been grumpy or irritable... although you should probably check with my family on that one just to be sure. i have noticed hunger pangs a lot more than i did before which i'm not sure is a good sign or not. i realize that when i feel that way it's ok to eat something, but it should just be something healthy like a clementine or something. speaking of clementines, i must thank God for inventing that delicious fruit! i bought a box on monday and they are my little treat each day. so yummy!

i've also been hitting the gym which hasn't been too bad either. i'm still totally intimidated by all the weight machines so for now i'm sticking to the treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster and bikes. today i ran into my friend kim who also has a new year's resolution so i think we might go to a step class together next week. it's so much better going to a class with a friend!

today i decided to walk to the ymca. it was a beautiful morning, but very cold and very windy. i pressed on though and by the time i got into the gym i was plenty warmed up! it's about 2.5 miles roundtrip so it adds a nice extra half hour boost to my workout. i really enjoyed it. plus, after walking so much in zambia i've come to really appreciate walking. you're able to take so much more in when you walk and really look at things that you can't when you drive. so we'll see if i'm able to do that some more in the coming weeks!

so here's to a new year and a fresh start. let's make 2009 the best one yet!

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