Friday, April 3, 2009

adventures in the making

i love to travel.

no, not the actual packing part or even the waiting in airport security line part. but rather the experiencing-the-culture part.

i find the diversity in the different places of this world so fascinating. over 6 billion people live on this little planet, many of whom are operating their life in their own cultural bubble. each with their own ways of doing things... their own traditions... their own foods... their own outlook on the rest of the world. it really is incredible.

while i enjoy my own bubble as well as the rest of you, i love breaking free of its constraints and seeing the world through fresh eyes. it brings things back into perspective and makes me appreciate the history and beauty this spherical thing called earth provides.

all that to say i get to see a new place soon. in june i get to go to england and experience all the lovliness it has to offer... including my dear sweet friend jenny who i haven't seen in 2 years. jenny was one of my roommates during my dts days at ywam denver and she is one of the most incredible people i have ever met. she is so encouraging and challenging and absolutely precious. i'm doubley blessed because i get to go with alyssa (another dts roomie) so the 3 of us will be reminiscing and rekindling our beautiful friendship through 12 days in england.

why am i fortunate enough to get to live this life?

all i can say is that serving jesus has its perks. and i mean that in the best way. when you give up your life (as in your expectations and perceptions of what it should be) and relase it jesus to do with it as He sees fit you receive a beautiful gift- a life full of adventure and excitement with new things always around the corner.

here's a line from an amazing song that describes it for me:
so take me as you find me
all my fears and failures
fill my life again
i give my life to follow
everything i believe in
now i surrender

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