Thursday, August 13, 2009

don't let me blow away

i just wrote a long email that i sent out to a bunch of people regarding the trip and this computer won't let me copy and paste it. tia.*

the team left yesterday so now it's just me and allison and a village of a few thousand people. no biggie. haha. seriously though, it's good. last night it was so quiet that we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves. we were so tired we hit the sack at 8 o'clock. a few hours later we were woken up by the craziest wind ever. it felt like our tent was being sucked up by a tornado or something. we both woke up with our hearts pounding and then took a little while to fall back asleep. we woke up bright and early around 6am this morning so we could catch a ride to town. our food supply is pretty low and i wanted to get online and check some emails.

i got hit a few days ago with a cold that has progressed into a full out chest cold, complete with painful coughing and way too much mucus. sorry for the tmi, but it's true. one of my friend's moms here keeps checking in on me to make sure i'm ok. thankfully my mom left me with a z-pack so i'm hoping it knocks it out soon.

sorry for the lack of details but my time is short for today. i've already spent way too much time online catching up on my family's blogs. oh well, maybe next time.

thanks for the prayers! keep 'em coming our way!

*this is africa.


Christina said...

May God heal your cold and allow you to enjoy your next two weeks in Zambia. Love you!

Lyryn said...

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, my most wonderful BFF!!! I’m sorry about your cold! :( But I’m so excited that you won’t be gone for three months this time. You’re going to be home in two more weeks!! LOVE YOU!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

lol...oh sis....I hope you didnt read my blog--you can do that when you get home! k?!

Anyway..bummed that I called 3 times and having trouble getting through...

I love you, though and GET BETTER!

Ruth Witmer said...

Love you sweetie! I miss you already! Home seems strange without our new African friends. I so wish Niambe was here. I really miss him. Give him a kiss for me! One huge one for you!!
Father, I pray that you will heal my daughter in the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen
Love You,
Momma Ruthie!

Bethany said...

Be grateful they aren't giving you the local remedies for colds. I swear I got 4 or 5 varieties of remedies while I was in Brasil. They were so nasty, but I had to be polite and at least try them. Hope you're feeling back to your good ole self soon. LOVE YOU!