Tuesday, August 18, 2009

zam update with photos

i'm in town again today running some errands so i figured i'd give a little update and attempt to post some pictures as well. we're buying some material for the women's sewing group and i'm hoping to bless my friends with the purchase of a new mattress as well. they have a twin mattress on a queen-size bed with 3 people sleeping there so you can understand the need.

last time i wrote i commented on the crazy wind and it has only gotten crazier. it's been freezing cold the last few days and the wind has picked up even more which creates these insane dust-like storms causing you to run for cover. allison and i keep laughing about the weather because everyone expects africa to be burning hot all the time, but it isn't. we've been layering ourselves with our clothes every night before we go to sleep... and earplugs are a must, otherwise the sound of the wind against your tent will keep you awake! i say that from experience! haha!

we've been having a great tim hanging out in the village, though. the kids come to our house daily and just want to hang out and play. they are so much fun to be around (although sometimes exhausting) and we do enjoy their company. they're quick to lend a hand when you're carrying a bag and quick to grab your free hand in theirs. it's nice to connect with them in that way and that they feel so free to be near you. the kids are definitely one of my favorite things about this country. if i could come here and just love on kids 24/7 i'd be just fine!

yesterday i met with some members of the executive committee and got some upates on different projects happening in the village. it was really encouraging to hear how things are progressing and the way this community is stepping up. the water project is progressing fast! almost all the trenches for the pipes have been dug and at the end of the week they are going to start building the platforms for the tanks. the village is so excited about this project and everyone has been doing their part which is really awesome.
the next couple days will be busy for us as we'll be working with the women in the sewing groups. we're hoping to purchase a couple more sewing machines with a donation we received. i'm asking the women to sew as many bags as they can before we leave next week so we can bring them home to the U.S. and hopefully sell them. they've been doing a great job and the bags are so cute! it's so amazing seeing these women learning a trade that they otherwise would have never learned. i love that we're able to give them an opportunity to learn and eventually help support their families. it's so incredible!!!
for all of you who have been asking, yes i am feeling better! the cold is finally gone- hallelujah! i've been really exhausted the last week or so. i think after the team left it really hit me. today i'm feeling ok so hopefully i'm on the upswing.
thanks for all the prayers! keep sending them our way! a week from today we'll be leaving the village and spending a day in lusaka before we head home. this month has gone by way too fast, but i'm thankful for the time i've gotten here.
thanks for reading!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

hi sissy! again, love reading about your time there! thanks for looking at our vacation pictures thus far ;)

I love you and hope the wind calms down! its so nice in the OBX...88 and sunny!

Christina said...

Hey! Glad you are doing better and love the pictures! Also....if you are going to sell bags...you can count on me to buy one.

Love you!

Ruth Witmer said...

Thanks for the update. So happy you are feeling better. I have been asking everone to pray for you.
I am missing the village so badly. How did you do it after being there 3 months. It is so hard to be here away from them. I just keep crying... I keep asking God to speak to me about what I have experienced. I am still waiting..
I love you and I love your heart for these amazing people. I long to see them again...
I pray for a safe journey home.
Momma Ruthie! lol

Bethany said...

I loved the part about the kids helping you carry things and then holding your free hand! Its so sweet how people outside the US are so affectionate, especially the kids: holding hands, touching, hugging, kissing. Soak it all up!! May God continue to give you strength to achieve your goals before you head back home shortly! May he grant you even more strength to return home and leave it all behind again (at least physically, because it never leaves the heart).

Love you, Sue!