Sunday, August 21, 2011

struggling-to-stay-silent sunday

this week i
  • walked the mall with my SIL... we are all eager to meet the new baby boy!
  • discovered my love for fiber one brownies (only 2pts) and then was sad when i went to get more last night and the grocery store was out! for shame!
  • got crafty... i made a mason jar soap dispenser, toilet paper roll wall art and a painted canvas with chipboard letters. so excited to have the creative juices flowing again!
  • got to have sonic with my dear friend jenny after a fun night at the outlets where i scored the most beautiful duvet at the PB outlet... hope to show you that soon!
  • saw a rainbow... i have been praying for a rainbow sighting... these past few weeks have been very emotionally taxing and i needed a visual reminder of God's promise and boy did he give it to me! one of the biggest rainbows i've ever seen. thanks jesus!
happy sunday!


ps- i redid my blog last night so if you're reading through google reader, pop on over and let me know what you think :)


LWells said...

GOTTA LOVE PINSPIRATION!!!!!! You go, crafty girl!

Unknown said...

love pinterest. And I love the new layout too!

Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

Love it! You should do a tutorial on the TP craft. Very pretty. Love the layout!

Gina said...

Love your crafts and your layout!