Tuesday, August 23, 2011

update and ww vlog

it's been almost 8 full months since i jumped on the weight watchers bandwagon and things sure have changed... mainly me. i feel like i have grown so much during this process and discovered things about myself that i knew were there but that i had hidden under layers of shame and fear. with each goal and milestone reached i feel myself becoming more of the person i'm supposed to be... the person i've always wanted to be. if weight's been a struggle most of your adult life (or even your whole life) then you can probably understand. it's hard to explain but i guess i just feel more free... less of that trapped-in-your-body-feeling that i felt for so long.

i could probably go on and on about that whole subject but we'll save that for another post! my sister kate and i were hanging out yesterday and decided we should really do another vlog since it had been... oh months since our last one. we had to record it twice due to user error so this one starts off with me cracking up... haha... this is real life people. enjoy!

Weight Watchers vlog 3 from Katie Balla on Vimeo.

as always- thanks for the support and encouragement. i'm convinced social media has been a major motivator for me in all of this. knowing i have others alongside me going through this and getting the cheers and love from all of you keeps me going! last week i posted this photo on facebook and the response was overwhelming. i'm so humbled to be surrounded by such awesome people. seriously. you all rock.

much love,



Jodi said...

Way to go, Susan! You must feel so good! you've been an inspiration to my sister, who I encouraged to follow you! Thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

You look great!

Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

Ok, so I commented on Katie's blog, but I also wanted to comment on yours. Because comments are fun, right?? :)
You both look so amazing, and thank you for being an encouragment. And I wanted to tell you, after seeing your tweet on the Fiber One bars the other day, I got a coupon and bought some! lol. I usually get the granola bars, but once you said the brownies were 2 pts? ALL over that. haha.

Tatiana said...

Susie. Hotness. Listen now...
You are so gorgeous! And the fact that you are rediscovering this and gaining more and more confidence in yourself while getting to find new things within yourself makes you even more beautiful. After my high school days were over, I have found that more than beauty, confidence is what's sexy, and you've got that kind of sexiness all over you girlfriend!
I feel like I've seen you grow so much these past few months, and I'm so proud of the woman that you are.
I'm so glad we're friends :-) Loves ya

Jami Nato said...

Congrats...you look hot!

Noe said...

I feel your pain in every word Susie! and I'm am right where you were before you started this.
SO this is GREAT for me to see, it takes hard work, patience and willpower to get where you are now.
So Congratulations! You look awesome!

Melissa said...

You have truely inspired me! You look incredibley happy and healthy, amazing difference. Well done!

Adie said...

You look amazing! I have been struggling with weight for as long as I can remember I have tried weight watchers and had very little luck. I really think I would have done better had I had a buddy. Just seems like having someone to plan with would be nice. Congratulations on your success!