Tuesday, October 22, 2013

the big news

i'm sure most of you saw our big announcement on some form of social media (IG, twitter or facebook) but i figured i'd share it here as well in case anyone missed our big news! plus i can post a few more of the pictures that my incredibly talented sister katie took for us (in the span of about 10 minutes before it down poured).

fall is one of my favorite times of the year so i was really excited that we had a reason to take some pictures. i knew i wanted to incorporate pumpkins in some way and i didn't find any ideas that i loved after scouring pinterest, so i came up with this. i used my handy-dandy silhouette craft cutting machine and cut the words and feet out on vinyl. it was quick and easy! plus when we were finished i just peeled off the vinyl and now the pumpkins reside on our front porch.

our due date is may 9th which is my mom's birthday. my sister's daughter emeline was born on the 10th. we figured we'd just add to the craziness that is may in my family with those birthdays, mother's day, my parent's anniversary and my dad's birthday towards the end of the month. i see lots of parties on the calendar in future years which is A-ok with me! i love having a reason to celebrate!

jeff and i found out we were expecting on august 26th (i wasn't even 4wks yet). we actually found out while we were up at the young life camp in saranac, ny for a family weekend (the very same camp and weekend we got engaged last year). we had been trying to get pregnant that month (after waiting the recommended 2 months after the miscarriage) and i knew it would be the earliest i would be able to test and probably get a positive. i also know how special saranac is to jeff (and me) so i thought it would be amazing to get our positive while we were still there. i was pretty confident that i was expecting so i'm glad my suspicions were confirmed! here's the cellphone pic i snapped of the tests. the line was faint (as i was really early), but it was a line none-the-less! gotta love the digital tests that just tell it like it is.

so needless to say, it was a long, almost 8 weeks, of secret keeping. finally going public with the news made it feel so much more real which is so bizarre. we'd already had an ultrasound where we got to see the little baby and hear its heartbeat. you'd think it would have sunk in then, but not completely. although that was an incredibly surreal moment and the first time i felt like i was able to breathe. pregnancy after a loss is so hard. of course i have nothing to compare it to, but it's been a difficult process. i found myself having trouble fully accepting it out of fear that we would lose it again... and then feeling guilty for not being able to bond because of that fear... struggling to trust God with this little life growing inside me... feeling helplessly out of control because it was (and still is) out of my control... being scared every time i went to the bathroom (sorry for the TMI but that was my reality)... it's been a myriad of emotions.

but yes, there was nothing sweeter than seeing and hearing that little heart beating at our 8wk ultrasound.

we are overjoyed at this gift of life growing inside me. even typing that out is so weird! after years of wondering when i'd finally be at this place in life, and now experiencing it... well it's just overwhelming at times. life is about to really change, but in an incredible way.

jeff and i are so grateful for all the love and support we've received along the way. it's so incredible to know our little baby is already so loved and ready to be babysat for (thanks to all of our high school young life friends)!

we also want to say to those of you who are struggling in your own journey of conceiving or bringing your child home through other means that our hearts are with you. we are thinking of you and praying that the Father answers the desires of your heart!

grace and peace,



Christina said...

I am so incredibly happy for the two of you! Praying that you can release your fears so that you can drown yourself in the awesomness that is going on and will be going on for the next few months. Enjoy every second of pregnancy..because it goes so fast and those babies grow far too quick.


Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

So thrilled for you!!! And the pictures are adorable!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

totally made me choked up thinking about this phase of life you're in now ;) He is GOOD, all the time. xoxoxoox

Noe said...

Oh Susan! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL and I love that you paired the news with a fall theme.
I am SO utterly happy for the two of you! I don't even know how to express it (without sounding creepy and all)...truth is(as someone that's been on the TTC wagon for as long as over 1.5 years)your last post abt the subject left me in tears and with an itchy heart.. I truly wished I could run to your doorstep and give you a hug.
I kept you often in my prayers and I am now so thankful that you are now able to live such a blessing.
I am amazed that you could sense it (and get a BFP) so early on, that's so amazing!! Did you have any symptoms?
We are back to trying this month (after a 2 month break)...for our own sanity..
I am beyond excited for the two of you and will live vicariously through your posts, so I sure hope you keep 'em coming! [sorry for the novel long comment]

Meghan said...

Love the pictures, CONGRATS!!

Amy E. said...

I love this! I am so excited for y'all! These announcement pictures are so awesome. The pumpkins were a great idea. Wishing you a happy, healthy and easy pregnancy!

Shannon Dew said...

I am so thrilled, over the moon, excited for you guys! Congratulations! You are going to make an amazing mommy! xo

Evelien said...

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting :)
We're due January 30th so a couple of weeks before you. I hope you're feeling well and can enjoy your pregnancy!

Jodi said...

Yaaay for you both! I haven't been keeping up with blogs lately, but I just had to congratulate you when I saw your post! And how clever is that! Prayers for a safe healthy pregnancy!

megs7827 said...

I'm sooooo excited for you!!!!

Jordan said...


Dixie Bell Designs said...

Congratulations! The pumpkin pics are adorable, best idea ever! I am not even pregnant but I always scour pinterest for "announcement picture ideas" haha! Also, May 9th is my birthday so it's a pretty good due date!

Ashley said...

I'm so stoked for y'all! Ahh! Also, those pictures are framers for sure.

Jo-Anne said...

WOOHOO! I am so incredibly happy for you guys. I think I'm one of the few people left who isn't on any social media sites (except blogger if that's considered social media), but I did see it on Katie's blog the other day and was so overjoyed. I'm so glad you did a post sharing your story. YAH!!!

Melissa said...

So very happy for you! Love the pumpkins idea. ;)

Summer said...

So excited for your journey! Congrats to you both!

Unknown said...

Such amazing news! So happy for you and Jeff. Praying for a healthy next few months.

amanda said...

So funny. I turned on the TV today and there you and Jeff were, saying your vows. It made me think to check your blog and what a fun surprise to find. Congratulations, Susan! I know this must be an anxious, but joyful time. I love the announcement pictures, but it does make me giggle a little to picture you all hauling those pumpkins all over the park trying to catch a few great shots before the rain!

PS-I can't imagine how weird that would be to randomly turn on the TV and see yourself, but also what a fun reminder...particularly because you carried yourself so well on that show.

Anonymous said...

Seeing these photos on Facebook made me all teary! So happy for you guys.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Congratulations! Such an exciting bit of news!!!!

The Crummy Chronicles said...

So thrilled for your growing family!! EEEeee!! God is awesome :)

Unknown said...

Congrats lady! This really choked me up this morning. I just had a baby August 2nd and I can recall that day I saw those 2 pink lines like it was just hours ago. I too know a loss before an actual baby and I know your fear and excitement. You two are such a beautiful couple and I am so happy for you. God is good and this little baby is going to have two of the best parents ever!

Anonymous said...

Are you ever going to come back? I want to see pictures of your baby! we miss you

Jennet said...

Thinking of you. Hope you come back!

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