Saturday, January 12, 2008

busy saturday

today flew by in such a rush of events! we threw a baby shower for our friend stef at our house today. it was a surprise and thankfully she was very surprised! i love surprising people but the anticipation that leads up to it is so stressful. i hate that part! i'm always thinking, "just get here already so we can yell surprise and START this party!" haha...

anyways... tonight i babysat a few kiddos (including my fabulous niece) for my brother & sister-in-law's bible study group. the kids were really well behaved and i had fun. i love spending time with my niece kyra... she is too cute! it's kinda fun when her mom and dad aren't around because then i get hugs... haha... that sounds mean but it's true! i love getting her hugs but if mom's there then she gets them. i can't wait till she starts talking... it's gonna be great!

in other news- tomorrow i'm leading worship at church and then my family's going out afterwards to celebrate kesh's birthday. should be fun!

i think i'm gonna go watch some tv and then go to bed. i am wiped out.

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