Thursday, January 31, 2008

mmm books

i've been meaning to write in here more but haven't really gotten around to it. i'm trying not to spend much time on the computer which is easy to do when you're home most of the day and not working.

i took my dog daisy to get groomed today and she looks adorable. they cut her short and i love it. they did put a little bow in her hair but my little brother removed it as soon as he saw it. he hates those bows. i'm sure daisy hates them, too so i don't mind.

i'm almost done reading this book by shane claiborne called irresistable revolution and it is totally rocking my world. seriously i don't even know what to say because there are so many things i could say. ahhh! i love it when a book challenges everything you believe and makes you feel uncomfortable. as much as it sucks, it is so good to be reminded of that.

i also picked up this really awesome new fiction book called abomination. it's written by a christian author but it's about a serial killer and it is so intriguing. i'm having a hard time putting it down. speaking of which i'm going to go read now.


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