Sunday, January 13, 2008

naps are a very good thing

today was a very full day yet i still managed to sneak in a hour and a half long nap. hooray for that!

it started off with church this morning where i had the awesome privilege of leading worship. in the beginning i got a little emotional and overwhelmed at the thought that God would use me to lead all these people into His presence. i recognized how special and totally humbling that was and it took me aback for a minute. i was so blown away to see the way the congregation responded and just got into it. it was so beautiful to watch and be a part of. i'm definitely glad i went through the school of worship with ywam because i felt much more equipped and prepared for what i was doing. i'm excited to continue growing in that area!

i also feel like God clearly spoke to me this morning about my next steps. i feel at peace about it and i'm excited to get started. i'm really starting to feel more like myself again which is really nice. i think i realized that i'm much more of an introvert than i used to think. as much as i like being around people, spending a lot of alone time this past month has been really good for me. i feel more "charged" if that makes sense.

anyways, after church myy whole family went out to lunch because it was my sister-in-law kesh's birthday! we went to on the border which is so yummy. it was fun and pretty low-key which is unusual for my family... haha... my niece kyra was as cute as ever. she is just too stinking cute sometimes. i love it!

i took a nice nap later in the afternoon while the boys watched football. i like taking naps around other people which is kind of funny. i think i feel peaceful knowing there's other people around. after my nap i went out to a diner with my sister and her hubby. later on we met up with my dad and brother and went bowling for a little while. my dad's a good bowler but he hasn't gone in a while so he was a little rusty. we had a good time, though. hopefully we can get him to come with us again.

i'm really excited about the new few months and what God's gonna do with me. i feel like i might finally be at a point in my life where i can laugh at the days to come (as proverbs 31 puts it). that's what i want... to look at the future not with anxiety, but excitement and joy!

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I am praising with you sis. I am excited about your next steps and possibly "our" next steps! :-) I can't stop thinking about it!