Saturday, May 3, 2008

round and round i go

i spent an amazingly fun 8 hours with my sister and brother-in-law today and it was good. the day involved declan and i raiding local yard sales while kate got her hair done. then we grabbed lunch at good old anthony's pizza... can't ever go wrong there... although pizza prices went up 35 cents a slice... gotta love the economy these days.

anyways, from there we hit up a boring craft fair in d-town and then headed into west chester. the day got progressively nicer as the rainclouds cleared up and allowed the sun to shine. we walked around town and hit up all the little shops. i walked away with 2 cute vintage necklaces so i can't complain! i also got an iced chai which always cheers me up. mmmm starbucks!

then we decided to go to the movies because kate really wanted to see baby momma. ok, i did, too but she
really wanted to see it. it was funny (of course) and predictable (of course) but it's always nice to watch movies and zone out of reality for a bit. that is what we're paying the 10 bucks for right?

now kate and dec are off to spend some time with another married couple and alas i am home on yet another saturday night by myself.
*sidenote to kate- i'm glad you get to go out and hang with other married couples. my point is that i always seem to get myself in this place of being alone specifically when i don't feel like being alone. i think i blogged about this before. ahhh the cycle of life... always has a way of repeating itself.

maybe i'll go watch 27 dresses again. yes, that is the movie that i literally watched twice on opening day in the theater (once by myself and the other with lyryn) and of course i bought it on the day it was released onto dvd and made kate watch it with me. i'm such a sucker for romance... it's sad really. thus bringing me back to the reason i am probably alone again on a saturday night.

wow it really is a cycle.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love you for who you are! So fun today and you may borrow my husband any day. I can't wait till the days you can join us on the old married night outs. Soon, soon.