Friday, June 13, 2008

an alumni's musings

so my little brother graduates today and honestly it feels weird. if he's growing up then does that mean that i'm already grown up? yikes!

i remember the feeling of graduating high school... the excitement filled with the fear of the unknown. the nagging thought that you'll never be a kid again and maybe i should of made more of my experience rather than being so anxious to leave. i caught a case of senioritis by the end of my junior year so senior year is kind of a blur. i didn't put much effort into that last year and would have rather been working than stuck in that 7-3 prison... which is probably why i spent so much time in the nurses office trying to get sent home (aka work- where i would go after my mom spoke to the nurse and told her of my horrible cramps). it makes me laugh a little bit now looking back.

and here i am, 8 years later at my brother's graduation with my high school memories fading dimmer and dimmer with each passing year.

i'm grateful that i didn't have a horrible high school experience but i still wouldn't go back. it's a part of my past and i'm happy to keep it that way.

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