Thursday, June 5, 2008


i need to keep reminding myself that the job of provider belongs to my heavenly father. so many times i worry where resources are going to come from and how it's going to work out and then i remember that i don't need to worry. God promised that he would take care of me if i would just trust him to do so. the birds and the flowers don't worry, so why should i?

sometimes the needs before me are so great, but that's what makes it even more amazing. i think God loves when situations get put before us that seem impossible, because that's when God gets the most glory. what we think could never happen, God already has plans to make happen.

i'm trusting that God is going to provide the finances for my africa trip as well as the rest of the team. i'm trusting the he's going to provide the right resources for the community center in zambia to be successful and far-reaching. i know God can do these things. i just need to keep reminding myself.

that's why i wrote this. as a reminder to myself and the rest of you so when i freak out you can remind me. :)

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