Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy birthday!

this post is dedicated to an amazing woman, wife, mother, sister and friend. from the day i met her a little over 9 years ago we've been close friends. i remember my brother jim calling from college in tulsa, ok and telling my parents that he think he found the girl he was going to marry. all the typical thoughts went through my head: will she like me? will we get along? will we become friends? how will she fit into our family? i didn't have to wait too long because only a couple months after that phone call my family was in tulsa for thanksgiving where we were finally going to meet my brother's dream girl.

she was everything you'd hope your brother would find: beautiful, smart, funny and genuinely nice. little did i know after that first meeting that i wasn't only going to gain a friend but a sister. over the years she seemed to just mesh with our family as if she'd been there from the beginning. she picked up her life and moved halfway across the country in pursuit of the best for her and jim. in all the year's she's lived here i've never heard her complain about being so far away from her friends and family back home. she did what she had to do and made the best of her situation. i've always looked up to her and respected her for the way she's handled that.

i also had the privilege of working with her for several years where we probably spent too much company time just talking and laughing over stupid customer's and their crazy antics. our time there only further cemented the friendship and sisterly love. thankfully when she left to have my beautiful niece kyra, i wasn't far behind in my own departure in search of adventure. it was bittersweet in knowing that i wouldn't see her every day but i knew motherhood was where she was born to be. in all my times away she was always just a phone call or email away. her words of wisdom and love were a great encouragement to me in that season of my life.

it's been a joy to watch her mold into super-mom as she pours herself into her 2 beautiful daughters. i've learned so much by watching her and talking with her and feel so much more prepared for when my time to be a mommy comes. she loves with such a passion and puts herself completely into everything she does. i love the time we get to spend together whether it's shopping at the outlets, trying to eat a meal while entertaining 2 kids, or just sitting at home talking about anything and everything.

so here's to you keshet joy on your 28th birthday. you don't look a day over 21 but you already know that. thank you for always being there for me. my brother couldn't have chosen a better girl. you add so much to the witmer clan and our family wouldn't be complete if you weren't part of it. i love you so much and appreciate everything you do. love you sis!


Keshet said...

Sue, to say that your post blessed me tremendously would still be a huge understatement. You are such a wonderful sister and I love, love, love you beyond measure! Oh, and the pic of us is one of my absolute favorites.

Grammy Jean said...

We couldn't agree more. Keshet has been blessed to be a Witmer; and we are so blessed to see how God brought Jim into her life and into our family as well.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

What a wonderful birthday dedication post! I agree, Kesh is the best :-) We are super lucky. Now we have to worry about Wit's wife....haha.

Ruth Witmer said...

I agree with Sue, you have been a tremendous blessing to all of us. we love you so much and always blessed to be with you and chat. You have truly grown into a Beautiful woman, wife, mother, and friend to all of us. We are so glad that you are a part of our family and a part of our lives.
Mom Witmer