Wednesday, July 29, 2009

let's go already

tomorrow is D-day... as in departure day. this will be my 3rd trip to zambia and i can honestly say that anticipation is killing me. i detest the last couple days before a big trip with all the packing and last minute shopping runs and then the goodbye's. it's just so draining. but i know it will all be worth it when i see the faces of my dear friends. sure i might be bleary-eyed from 48 hours of travel but that won't concern me then.

oh zambia, how you've captured my heart in such a special way.

it's hard to describe the feeling of going back this time. after living there for 3 months last fall i was able to develop such deep bonds with the people. when i went in 2007 i only stayed for 2 weeks and it wasn't hard to leave. i'm not one to usually bond with people that quickly. during my 3 months last year the bonds were really formed and i came to depend on those relationships. they became my brothers and sisters and some of my dearest friends. when i left in november i didn't know how i was going to manage without them and it has been hard. it's like there's this piece of me missing and this other side of my life that no matter how much i try to share with people here, i just can't. i feel in a way that by going back to zambia i'm going to be able to re-claim that part of me that's been a little lost.

of course i'll find it only to probably lose it again when i leave after a month. let's not talk about that just yet.

i should really finish packing. ugh.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I'll miss you so....but, i love that all these other people get to love you too in a country so far away ;)