Friday, July 17, 2009

we could all use more SNO days

a couple months ago my lovely siblings and i hopped a train to philly to eat some yummy food and catch a matt wertz concert. we had a fabulous time hanging out, laughing, taking pictures and making fond memories with one another. mom and dad graciously watched the kiddos for us and it was so fun to just kick back and relax. while we were eating dinner at a cute outdoor table in philly we all decided that this must be a reoccuring event.

after a string of emails this week we decided that we needed another SNO (that's code for Sibling Night Out). unfortunately little wit wasn't there cause he's visiting friends in boston so the rest of us hit the town in good 'ole west chester. we unanimously decided to eat at Kooma where you can get the most incredible sushi. seriously, the food was amazing. the atmosphere is a little loud, but if you can move past that it's really enjoyable.

after stuffing ourselves full of raw fish we decided to top it off with ice cream from wc scoop. we scoured the freezer looking for our perfect flavor and found a table in the back. i had just found phase 10 dice at a store earlier that day and tucked it in my purse for such an occassion. so we ate our ice cream and played phase 10 dice (which is so much faster and easier than regular phase 10. it's great for travel!) we literally laughed the whole time and booed at kate who shamefully beat us all.

i think it was a night we all needed after a stressful couple weeks. we did miss wit (especially me being the 5th wheel with those married folk)... haha. i feel super blessed having some awesome siblings. it's like we were made for each other or something. ;)

and i must say i have an awesome brother & sister-in-love. they blend so well into our family it's hard to remember what we were like without them. plus they make my brother and sister EXTREMELY happy which couldn't make me happier so it all works out.

by the end of the night we all decided that we could all definitely use more SNO days.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

oh heavens...what a fun night. I owned you all at Phase 10 Dice. owned.

a blog full of weldons. said...

hey sue!
i was praying for you today as you get ready to head out! i'll be looking foward to your posts!

ps. thanks for letting me know about - wow, does she have a lot of readers! some posts have over 1,000 comments! that's crazy! i contacted her to do a freebee, but alas, she isn't taking any more :(
but i will become a follower as she is quite wonderful :)