Friday, October 2, 2009

falling slowly

this post is long overdue. to all my loyal fans (all 2 of you... haha) i apologize. ;)

fall has finally arrived here in PA and with it my first cold of the season. i've been doing my best to fight it off with OTC medication but i don't think it's working so a doctor's visit might be in order. i really don't enjoy doctor's visits which is obvious considering the fact that i haven't been there in over a year. what can i say? i'm blessed with a strong immune system. i know, i know, it's still not really an excuse especially when my doctor is so nice. he's a christian and always offers to pray for you when the visit is over. how cool is that? very.

another clue of the changing seasons is obviously the temperature. we haven't turned the heat on yet and i woke up feeling like a frozen popsicle. the thermostat said 63. not good. i'd say it's time to turn the heat on except the weather forecast shows that we're going to hit 74 in a couple days. what is up with that? this whole summer/fall transition thing is strange. this time last year i was sweating out my days and nights in africa. i remember talking to my family on the phone and while they were telling me about the increasingly colder temperatures i was lamenting about waking up drenched in my own sweat every morning. (gross i know, but so very true).

even with all it's oddities i still love this time of year. so in honor of my favorite season i have decided to make a list of things i want to do before the dreaded winter sets in. i know this isn't anything new as i've seen lots of people do this, but i figured it was my turn. so here it is in no particular order:
  • rake a pile of leaves and jump in just like i did when i was 5 :)
  • go pumpkin-picking with my nieces and take lots of beautiful pictures of them
  • get some friends together and take an autumn night hayride
  • take a road-trip by myself and stop whenever i want at beautiful places
  • drink lots and lots of chai tea
  • carve something really unique into a pumpkin (i've seen some really cool ideas already)
  • spend a week at the beach (oct 18-25 watch out NC i'm coming for ya)
  • read read and read some more! make lots of time to just relax and engulf myself in some good fiction.
  • buy a sewing machine and get crafty (i realize this has nothing to do with fall but i am dying to turn more of my beautiful african fabric into lovely things)
  • try out some new fall baking recipes
that's probably enough for now, although i'm sure there's more.

oh and please keep my mom, dad and brother in your prayers. they leave on sunday for a 10-day missions trip to romania. when my dad invited me to go i had just gotten back from zambia and didn't want to think about another trip that soon. even though i still feel peace about not going, i'm still a little sad. the people there are so wonderful and i'll miss not being with them. i'm hoping to get there next spring though, so we'll see. it doesn't take long for the travel bug to bite.

but for now i will enjoy my pennsylvania autumn since i haven't seen it in a couple years. happy fall everyone!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

can we go pumpkin picking with the girls on a day when I'm home, please? I can bring my good camera...and, well...I have the 12th of october off!! COME ON! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I turned on my heat as well this week. It's been very chilly around here!

Brittany Ann said...

Praying for your family!

Make sure you get photos of that fun pumpkin you'll carve!

Tatiana said...

I will join you in jumping in those pile of leaves! And I am so going to pray for your family! You have no idea how badly I would want to go there too!!!! Romania is actually my home :-) Are they going to an orphanage? I hope they get to see the really beautiful parts of the country too :-)

Gina said...

Your family is in my prayers.

I turned my heat on today too! I am loving the fall this year. :)