Monday, October 12, 2009

the good news is so good


that's all i can say.

we reached our target of raising $1,330 to purchase mattress for 38 very deserving deaf kids in zambia, africa... and in less than 10 days! that's why i can't stop saying wow. a big THANK YOU to all who donated, spread the word and said a prayer for these precious children. God has certainly done an incredible thing and He used YOU to do it! i was able to get in touch with my friend joyce, who will be purchasing the mattresses, and she is so excited that we were able to raise the money so fast. she's going to try to get a picture of the kids so i can share it with all of you so stay tuned! (just remember, it's africa though and everything runs a lot slower). :)

today i got to visit linvilla orchards with my sister, brother, sis-in-love, nieces and my friend and her daughter. it was a cold, cloudy day but we had a fabulous time. plus, it allowed me to cross pumpin-picking with my nieces off the to-do list. although, technically there wasn't really any pumpkin-picking going on. there was apple-picking though which was awesome! there is nothing like a fresh granny smith pulled right off the tree. yum! kylie's photo is evidence of that. :)

i did take a road trip to pittsburgh last week, but i wasn't alone. the drive across PA was beautiful. the leaves out in western PA were turning and it was gorgeous! didn't get any pictures sadly, but the memory is still fresh in my mind. man, i just LOVE fall.

and 1 week from today i will be lounging in beautiful topsail beach, nc with a whole bunch of fantastic ladies. this vacation could not come at a better time. i'm really just praying for a refreshing time to rejuvenate and get some fresh vision for next year. africa is of course in the back of my mind and i need some clear direction on how long i'm supposed to go for next year and for how long. so i'm hoping to get some good walks on the beach with jesus. :)

oh yeah! joyce also told me that she got her bible today. i wrote about that here. so it took about a month to get from here to zambia. not too bad! she was so excited which made me really excited! giving gifts makes me so happy. haha. can you tell that's my love language?

hope everyone else is having a lovely fall so far!

ps- my mom, dad and brother are flying home tomorrow from their 10-day mission's trip to romania. keep them in your prayers for safe travels. :)


Brittany Ann said...

Oh, can I still donate? I forgot to ask my husband. I will now and donate ASAP if I can.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great!!!
Hope the vacation hurries up and gets here.