Sunday, October 4, 2009

a special request

i know that it probably isn't PC to ask for things on your blog, but since what i'm asking for isn't for me i figure it's ok. you see i'm not the recipient of this request, but 38 deaf children in zambia are. some of you might remember this post that i wrote during the end of my month stay there in august. i shared about how my friend and i visited a deaf school and by the grace of God were able to purchase some much-needed cups, plates and pots for them. what i didn't share was the even greater need that we saw. when we toured the boys & girls dorms we saw lots of bunk beds, but no mattresses. to say we were shocked was an understatement. i can't image what it's like to sleep on wooden slats and no one should have to know what that feels like, but for 38 deaf kids it's their every day reality.

when i tell people this story i can't help but cry. i don't expect other people to get emotional, especially if they haven't seen it with their own eyes but i'd be doing an injustice to those kids if i didn't share what i saw. i believe that knowledge is responsibility and lately the burden of these kids has been heavy on my heart.

i really hate injustice and while i know it runs rampant in this world i don't think that means we give up trying to end it. i plan on spending my life in pursuit of the broken and hurting in this world by leading them to a loving savior and meeting some needs along the way.

there are 38 kids who tonight will sleep on wood boards and that infuriates me with what i hope is a holy anger. so this is my attempt to be a part of a solution. the mattresses cost around $35 each so with 38 kids that's $1330. i figure it we spread the word this need can be met quickly. i've setup this widget with the money is running through the non-profit i work for- hope beyond borders. i know money is tight, but we probably all have a safe, warm bed to sleep in tonight. we can have 1 less pumpkin spice latte this week, skip that dinner out, read to our kids instead of renting a movie and fight injustice in this world.

i'll get off my soapbox now. thanks for showing these kids that they are loved and valued.

just follow the instructions on the widget below to make a donation. every little bit gets us closer.

ps- there is no condemnation if you aren't able to give. i know God will lay it on the hearts of those who should. thanks for listening. God bless.


Tatiana said...

I am so glad you're doing this! I always try to find a way to raise money for medication, food or clothes for people in different places, so I know how hard it is to get others to donate. So I gave a little, (just enough to buy one mattress), but I hope it makes some kid's day :-)
PS: I am so glad that you're family is going to Romania and helping out. You guys are awesome. Yes, I am Romanian, and I'm really missing everyone that is still there. I lived in Iasi, and the only time I went there in the last 9 years, was last summer :-)

Brittany Ann said...

I saw this on your sis's blog, and I'm totally in! Let me just tell the hubs so I know he's OK with it. I can just pay online with this thingie?

Christina said...

Half way there! Awesome!

I just nominated you for an award!