Friday, August 22, 2008

the art of delaying

i have a terrible habit of procrastinating. i wait and push things off until the last minute and always end up stressing myself out. that can't be healthy! i've gotten so used to it though, that i hardly know how to not procrastinate. take for instance my upcoming 3 month africa trip. 4 days to go and i've sort of got my piles of stuff together that i need to pack. i'm still missing a ton of stuff, but i keep telling myself that i'll worry about it tomorrow. now it's the weekend and am i going to want to spend it packing? ummm no. so alas it will get put off until monday and i'll be running around like a mad woman trying to get everything together. i'm so predictable in that way. i think i need to seek the lord on that and try and figure out why i do this to myself.

i found this quote and i think it sums it up:

"if it weren't for the last minute, i wouldn't get anything done. -author unknown

poor guy probably put off signing his name to the quote and never got the credit. ;)

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