Sunday, August 17, 2008

weekend recap

well it was an exhausting weekend, but i wouldn't trade it for the world. i was blessed to spend time with people i love and considering i'm about to move to africa for 3 months, i'm soaking it in.

it all started on friday when i got to spend the morning with my sister-in-law kesh and my 2 adorable nieces. now that kyra is almost 2, i enjoy my time with her even more. she's so much fun these days and it's only going to get better. i'm sad that i won't get her sweet little kisses for 3 months!
on friday night my sister and i threw lyryn a little girl's dinner party to celebrate her birthday. we laughed and danced and sang and just enjoyed being together. i just love those girls!

it turned out to be a late night because we started listening to music we were obsessed with years ago. it was hilarious to see how many lyrics we still remembered. i couldn't believe all that information remained stowed away in some part of my brain!

saturday ended up being a very long day, but absolutely worth it. i hitched a ride down to dc with some friends to attend the call. it was an awesome time of praying and worshipping with 70,000 other believers. i'm so glad i went because i got to see some dear friends of mine from ywam... most of them i don't know when i'll get to see again so i'm grateful for the time we got.

today was a hustle bustle of activity with church and then a birthday party at lyryn's house. it was fun, but i was exhausted. i had planned on coming home and just relaxing but somehow between laundry and showering that hasn't exactly happened yet. oh well!

only 10 days until i leave! woohoo! 

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a blog full of weldons. said...

how exciting that you are going to africa for 3 months! what a great adventure with the lord...i'm sure it will be a life changer! we'll be praying for you!