Saturday, August 23, 2008

to grandmother's house we go

kate and i decided last night that we should take the 45 minute trip to go visit our grandmom and poppop. i knew i needed to see them before i left for africa and i'm glad it worked out. we took kate's little pup mac with us so he could meet them. they loved him, of course! we showed them recent pictures of everyone and filled them in on our adorable little nieces. grandmom proceeded to try and stuff us full of food, as usual. bless her heart. i know it's her way of showing some love so it's all good.

i brought my macbook and thought my grandmom would get a kick out of the effects in photo booth. she did. my poppop was a little weirded out i think. he took one look at his
 reflection in 'dent' and had to turn away. it was hilarious. we had a good time. i'm glad i got to see them before i left and i know they were too!

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