Monday, August 18, 2008

i will waste my life

many times i find myself so grateful for music and the emotions its able to stir in my heart. recently i've searched to find songs that expresss my heart when i can't find the words. today that song is "i will waste my life" by misty edwards.

i will waste my life
i'll be tested and tried
with no regrets inside of me
just to find i'm at your feet
just let me find i'm at your feet

i'll leave my father's house and i'll leave my mother
i'll leave all i have known and i'll have no other

i am in love with you there is no cost
i am in love with you there is no loss
i am in love with you i want to take your name
i am in love with you i want to cling to you jesus
just let me cling to you jesus

i'll say goodbye to my father my mother
i'll turn my back on every other lover and
i'll press on yes i'll press on

ahhhh yes. my thoughts exactly! i hope maybe someday i can be that person with a song that ministers to another heart. maybe? just one of those little dreams that right now is off to the side. i know God has his way of bringing us back full circle to the things he put in our hearts long ago. i mean, here i am getting ready to go to africa for 3 months and i knew this is what i was called to do since i was a kid. it's taken time to materialize, but i wouldn't have it any other way. God has this amazing way of preparing us and shaping us without us always knowing how or why or what for. kind of fun when you think about it. :)

so yes, i will waste my life. i will waste my life for the one i was created for, the one i have to trust with everything. there's no greater joy than giving it all up only to receive the greatest love i could ever know.

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