Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bye bye 26

i have to give major kudos to my mom for my birthday present. now i know it might not seem creative and heck it was easy to do, but for me it meant a lot!

yes, gift cards.

now i know how easy it is to find gift cards these days. gas stations all over the country are allowing us to be last-minute shoppers thanks to those handy-dandy gift card stands, but i must say that getting a bag full of gift cards was so much fun! here's what i got: kohl's, applebees, wawa, amazon, starbucks, chili's, itunes, panera bread, subway, and cvs. let's just say it was a lot of money and this present is going to last me weeks!!! plus, another friend gave me a starbucks gift card, too and my bff gave me one to a local spa so i can get a facial! my lovely sissy gave me a shirt, shoes and earrings. had to return the shirt cause it didn't fit but i got a super cute sweater instead!

my parent's had a business dinner in philly tonight so i went out with some of my siblings and a few friends and we had fun. we were supposed to go to on-the-border for some good old mexican food but they were closed!!! apparently they had some plumbing issues. we ended up at applebees instead which is a sad replacement, but it ended up ok. they sang to me and i got a hot fudge sunday that my lovely niece kyra shared with me. she was literally feeding me with the spoon and even managed to keep me clean!

a quick target run with my sis-in-love ended the evening and it was fantastic. and we all know how much i love target. :)

27 is looking good so far.


Sarah said...

I'd say you made out quite well for ending your 26th year ;-) Hope your 27th is even better!!!
~Much love...

Brittany Ann said...

Happy Birthday! And I'm with you, who doesn't love gift cards?

Tatiana said...

I love gift cards! Many times I would actually rather have gift cards :) I hope this will be a great yr for you ;)

Lyryn said...

Left you something on my blog!! xoxox