Tuesday, September 1, 2009

we all need our sisters

so i've been home for a few days now and my body is slowing starting to adjust to a new time zone. i really can't complain, the jet lag hasn't been near as bad as it could be. for the most part i'm doing quite well. i pushed myself pretty hard this weekend and did way too much but there were just so many people that i wanted to see!

yesterday i got a text from a friend and she asked me to come over while her and another friend made and canned tomato sauce. so i went and i ended up having an amazing time. it's so funny how God knows exactly what you need and who you need at certain times. conversation flowed so freely and i felt so encouraged knowing i wasn't alone in my thoughts and feelings. at the end of the conversation i was thanking my one friend for being there and she said, "we all need our sisters." it's so true. female companionship is such a beautiful and special thing. i don't know what happens when most guys get together other than beer-drinking, sports-talking and noise-making, but i know that a lot of 'girl time' is spent in heart-to-heart conversation. God gave us females this uncanny ability to express our emotion through verbal communication and while some are better at it than others, it's still an integral part of our relationships.

last night around 8:30 i felt myself again needing some quality girl time and my sister and best friend were right there when i needed them. they dropped what they were doing at that moment, met me and assured me i wasn't crazy in my feelings at that moment. they gave me my sanity back and for that i am forever grateful.

there are a lot of times where i enjoy being alone and don't want to be bothered by people, but the truth is that i need them. especially all my sisters.

besides, everyone needs a good vent over ice cream once in a while, right? ;)


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

RIGHT :) My belly appreciated the icecream, too! love you!

Christina said...

Well said. Love you!

Lyryn said...

I was happy to drop anything for you!!! love you!