Thursday, April 28, 2011

weight watchers vlog #2

it's that time again! kate and i recorded another vlog to talk about weight watchers... this time we're covering dining out and snacks.

in the video we reference a site we use to find the point values of foods at some of our favorite restaurants. it's called and i find it SO useful! in fact as i was browsing today i noticed that they have the points for rita's water ice... a must have for the summertime!

we talked a bit about snacks but i feel like i should share some more of my "go-to's." i love love love applesauce and since i buy the all-natural, no sugar added version, i consider it free. sprinkle some cinnamon on top and yum! i buy the small pre-packaged cups and use it as a side to my lunches regularly! i also love having a wedge of laughing cow cheese (garlic herb is my favorite) with some reduced-fat triscuits (1pt for the cheese, 3 for 7 triscuits). i especially love having that alongside some progresso light soup. they have points plus values on the can which is super convenient! my snacks aren't always super healthy either... i like chocolate just as much as the next gal so i always keep a stash of some type of hershey's chocolate. currently it's mini kit-kats and reese's cups and they're in my freezer. at 2pts each it's a great way to get my fix!

i think i go in cycles with my snacking. i like something for a couple weeks and then i switch out to something else. quaker has these great mini rice cakes called "quakes" and they're pretty good if you're into rice cakes. i also like the little debbie 100-calorie nutty bars. gives me that chocolate-peanut butter goodness. animal crackers are actually reasonably low and satisfy my "crunch" craving... i think you can have about 16 or so for only 3 points which isn't too bad.

so those are some more tips from me that aren't included on the video but i just wanted to share for anyone out there who is looking for some new ideas! and if you have any other dining out or snacking tips then feel free to pass them along.

hope you're all having a great week!



Jo-Anne said...

Great vlog again! I commented on Katie's blog too. Awesome advice on Red Robin. I had no idea they did the burgers in petite size. Hooray!

Also, if you like soup I know the light Progresso soups are WW endorsed and have the point values on the can. Super filling too.

Thanks for another great post! =)

Seni said...

Thanks for another great vlog!! The info is great and who knew about Red Robin! I love that place. I agree with you guys about portion control. It's funny how when I eat a small portion of something I'm craving, I'm satisfied and I don't need to eat the whole thing!

Ashley said...

Love your tips! Animal crackers and apple sauce, I hadn't thought of those yet! Thanks. Tuesday was my first full week (with Friday WI days) and I'm already down over 3 pounds. LOVING WW!

Jo-Anne said...

I'm sorry. After re-reading how did I miss you had mentioned the Progresso soup? Sheesh! My brain is mush!

I've recently started eating the 90 calorie Fiber One bars and those are pretty tasty. Also good for an extra chocolate boost if you need one. I don't know what they would be for WW points values, but hopefully not too much. I think they're relatively good for you.